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The garden design process starts with a free of charge meeting where we get to know each other. We'll spend some time in your garden and talk through your ideas and aspirations. This is where I get to find out what inspires you and what elements you want in your garden. By the end of it we should both have a good understanding of the way forward. 

At this point you will have a very good idea of the costs involved in the design work for your garden and I aim to keep this completely transparent througout the process. 


If you don't already have one an accurate survey will now need to be carried out.  I can do this for you or you may wish to commission a Chartered Surveyor.  We can discuss which option would be best for you when we meet. 

After this I go away and produce plans of your garden in agreed formats, which usually include sketches, mood boards, a master layout plan, 3D visuals and planting plans.


Mood boards are an excellent way of capturing the overall concept of your garden and gives you a feel for the colours, shapes and textures.

The master layout plan is an accurate, to scale plan (usually 1:100) of your proposed garden. All individual elements are labelled in detail such that it could be passed to a contractor to work from.

3D images are a great way for you to visualise the end result of the design process and really bring your  garden to life in a very tangible way. 

A planting plan is a close up layout of a particular border usually presented at a scale of 1:50. It lists the species of all proposed plants and the quantities required. It is often accompanied by a separate mood board to illustrate the colours and shapes involved. 

The design development is very often an iterative process with discussions and edits along the way. It is very important to me that any issues are addressed during this stage of the work, so that you are completely happy with the end result. 

Once you are happy to go forward I can help you  to price up materials, plants and any contractors required. I also offer an on-going project management service for larger jobs. For smaller gardens I can do the hands-on work including hard landscaping and planting. 

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The Design Process

Master Layout Plan

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Initial Meeting - Free - This first meeting takes about an hour and is where we get to know each other and for you to determine whether you would like to work with me. We spend some time in your garden and have a good chat about what is required, both practically and aesthetically. If you wish to go ahead you can choose from the following three pricing plans: 

Basic - from £400 - this includes master layout plan (to scale) and a mood board.

Standard (recommended) - from £600 - as above plus 3D visuals and a selection of planting ideas tailored to your requirements. 

Premium - price after discussion - as above plus a project management service to oversee suppliers, contractors, materials and plants.

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