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If you're not sure how to achieve the right garden for you, I can help.

I'm qualified Garden Designer based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. I graduated from the Cotswold School of Gardening with a Diploma in Garden Design in 2016. Since then I've worked on gardens of all shapes and sizes, helping my clients create an outside space that really suits them and their lifestyle. 

Have you got some ideas but your not sure how to make them work?

When we first meet to discuss you garden, I'll ask questions to find out more about your tastes and preferences. One of my skills is to combine the elements you need to have (such as a shed or washing line) with features you'd love to have (maybe a striking water feature or a thriving wildlife pond) to create a practical yet beautiful scheme for your garden. 

Are you concerned that you may not have the time or skills to look after your garden?

I can guide you towards selecting suitable plants or provide you with a full planting plan. I've spent years gardening, starting out with pots on a patio when I lived in rented accommodation. This progressed to taking on an allotment in 2006, then to becoming a maintenance gardener. 

Heather McDougall

To find out more about the design process check out my Services Page. 

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