Gallery - Ideas and Inspiration

This is where traditionally I would show you some before and after shots of gardens I've worked on. However, I'm guessing you don't want someone else's garden, you want yours! A place that reflects your personality and practical needs. So instead I'd like to share with  you some individual ideas and concepts that I hope will peek your interest or maybe even inspire you. 

More images to follow...

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Light and Shade

One of the first things I do when I visit a garden is look for south and hence where the sun will rise and set in relation to the garden. This is important when considering where to put the seating areas. Do you like to sit in the morning sun or the evening shade? If you fancy five minutes of escapism click here to read about Mary and her Sunset Bench. 

Sunset Bench 3 edit 1.jpg
Colourful Garden Structures

Bright and bold or subtle and serene, there are so many garden paint colours to choose from now. You may have a tired looking fence that needs rejuvenating or a brand new shed to brighten up. Have some fun with colour especially (but not exclusively) if you have children or grandchildren. 

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