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Here are some examples of my work and the projects I've been involved in. 

Large Urban Garden

This garden had become 'unloved' in the clients words and they'd got to a point where they didn't know where to start. It had little structure to it apart from an old concrete path and a couple of posts for the washing line. They wanted a small shed, raised beds for vegetables and a summer house but they didn't want to keep anything so the garden was basically a blank canvas for me to get to work on.  

I divided the garden horizontally into three distinct areas to break up its long narrow shape. The breaks are formed by large planted borders which are offset and spanned by two central pergolas. Although the garden is divided there is a view all the way through to a focal point, an Amelanchier, at the far end.

Medium Sized Garden

The brief for this garden was to fill it with colour, remove the lawn area and to add a seating area in the sun trap where the existing shed was. My client also wanted some lovely seating on the main patio area outside the house. 

The garden is formed by a central planting area which includes a water feature, circled by a path leading to an evening sun deck in the corner. 

On the main patio there are long benches made from red cedar with integrated storage, so the old shed was disposed of. Fiberglass planters form the back of the benches and create a colourful border between the patio and main part of the garden. 


Margent Farm

Margent Farm is an experimental hemp farm in Huntingdonshire. Have a look at their website to find out more about the amazing work they do. 

This project is a bit different to the majority of my work designing urban residential gardens, but with years of experience growing vegetables at my allotment, I was excited to get involved. The main part of the brief was to create a productive organic vegetable garden on a patch of meadow and then, to keep it maintained. 

I set about building raised beds and setting up a terraced area to deal with a slope on the site. Within a few weeks, the area was ready for planting; garlic, onions and broad beans to start with as it was Autumn. Since the we've grown a huge variety of vegetables and introduced fruit trees and bushes. We also sow wild flower seeds and green manure to encourage pollinating insects to visit. 


Gardening for Wildlife

So many folks now ask me to help them encourage wildlife into their gardens. Its great to know there are so many wildlife hero's out there

One particular client, inspired by an evening visit from a hedgehog, contacted me to ask what we could do with his small courtyard garden. The answer was a lot! We set about packing the borders and planters full of flowering plants for pollinators, installed bird feeders and hedgehog houses and I built the tiniest pond I've ever seen. One of my favourite features was the sacrificial cabbage. My client didn't have very good vision, but the cabbage white butterflies that came to feast on the cabbage caught his eye!

Another one of my favourite features is a stumpery. They were originally created in Victorian times, for plant hunters to show off their exotic ferns and the like. However they also make an excellent habitat for many creatures. Just arrange some logs or branches to form planting pockets, add some plants and wait to see who turns up. I've found all sorts of insects, crustaceans and some lovely chubby toads in stumperies that I've built. 

During lockdown a lot of us became more interested in our gardens and spent extra time observing what was going on in them. 

I put together a series of social media posts offering ideas of how we can help our local wildlife. Maybe these will give you some ideas too, or if you'd like to discuss a particular project please feel free to contact me

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