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I design gardens that are accessible and understandable to my clients, whilst adding elements of interest and intrigue. My designs combine functionality with creativity to reflect the lifestyle and needs of the client. One of the reasons I love designing gardens is the wonderfully diverse range of people I get to work with. Every person is unique, as is every garden, so I look at each project with a fresh pair of eyes. I  help my clients to see the potential of their garden and how to create their perfect outside space. 

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The Colours of Marrakech
You may already have some great ideas for your garden or maybe you don't honestly know where to begin. Whatever your current situation, this could be the starting point of an exciting journey leading you to a beautiful new garden. 
On these pages I aim to answer any questions you may have about why to use my garden design service, what you can gain from it, when to do it and how it works .

Mary and Bill have made to some changes to their garden to suit their retirement. And Bill's been down the pub. 

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