The Colours of Marrakech

Mary had finished making chutney and was chilling out on the patio with a glass of wine. Her husband Bill had just phoned to say he was bringing his friend Johnny back from the pub with him and they’d pick up a takeaway en route. Although it had been a scorching hot day, the early evening had brought a cool breeze, so she sat on the sunny patio outside the back door.

As she sipped her wine, Mary thought back to their wonderful world tour, just after they'd retired, and their time in Marrakech. Bill had loved the buzz of the night market, with its snake charmers, flame throwers and trinket stalls. That’s where he’d bought that Fez he was wearing today. She was more taken with the colours; the dusky pink and sandy ochre buildings and the vibrant reds and oranges of the fabrics. They almost seemed to glow under the fiery Moroccan sun, with the intense deep blue sky as a backdrop.

When they were chatting to their Garden Designer, she’d asked if there were any particular places that inspired them. Mary remembered how she’d looked at Bill and they’d both laughed. In a split second they simultaneously said ‘Marrakech’. It wasn’t necessarily their favourite; they’d seen so many amazing sights on their travels but they’d both been captivated in different ways by the place.

Mary had wondered how this was relevant to their garden. Surely the more delicate light in the UK wouldn't do justice to the colours of Marrakech. Their Designer had suggested, just as a nod to Morocco, that they use a pinkish-grey stone in the hard landscaping. Mary had been very keen to replace the tired grey paving that been there for years and felt the new stones worked very well with the pastel shades they'd gone for with the planting. It was a lovely reminder of their wonderful world tour.

One of their aims, in having the garden re-designed was to address the hard landscaping. Not only did Mary dislike the old grey paving with a passion, it was also wobbly and unsafe. The arthritis in her knees played up sometimes and there had been days when she didn’t feel safe walking down the garden. She was so happy and relieved now, that when she needed to use her walking stick, her access to the garden wasn’t limited.

The aroma of curry drifting through the open kitchen door brought Mary back to the present. She was looking forward to catching up with Johnny and waved hello through the kitchen window. She could tell by their banter that Bill and Johnny were in good spirits so she was sure they'd been up to some mischief. Mary suspected she was in for an entertaining evening.

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