Lunch Under the Pergola

As Mary set lunch out under their new pergola, her husband Bill suddenly appeared wearing the Fez he’d bought in Marrakech. Surely thought Mary, he’d be more comfortable in a sunhat in this heat. It was nearly ten years ago now since they’d been on their wonderful world tour as they called it, and apart from the amazing memories they’d made, they’d also brought back a few special keepsakes. The Fez usually only came out on certain occasions so Mary wondered what Bill was up to. There seemed to be an air of excitement about him that she hadn’t noticed earlier, so suspected something was afoot!

As Bill helped himself to a cheese and chutney sandwich, adding extra pepper as he often did, Mary’s thoughts wondered back to when they’d first met, all those years ago. They’d hit it off right from the start despite being opposites in many ways. Bill had always been a slightly quirky extrovert whereas she was more reserved. One thing they agreed on was that they liked a shady place to shelter from the midday sun.

They’d talked about this with their Garden Designer, and she’d suggested a small patio half way down the garden with a pergola above, covered in scented climbing plants. The large main patio outside the house caught the evening sun and was ideal for barbeques with larger groups of friends and family. This pergola area was a quiet, more intimate space, shrouded by plants and trees. It would be a great shady place, as Bill had since found, to browse the news websites with a cup of tea in the morning.

Mary loved the idea of using scented plants and discussed this in detail with their designer. Amongst the plants they chose were Clematis armandii ‘Snowdrift’ and Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) for their evergreen leaves and white star

shaped flowers. The clematis would provide colour early in the year with the star jasmine taking over from July until about September. Mary wondered if any pergola could be complete without a rose. Their designer had suggested a classic climbing rose, ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’ which Mary was delighted with. Its strong fragrance and peachy white petals would create a traditional feel to the pergola that Mary thought added to the character of their garden.

Mary was jolted back to the present with Bill animatedly explaining that his friend Johnny had phoned earlier. He’d just got back into town and wanted to meet for a pint that afternoon. It was time to discuss pumpkin growing tactics for next year apparently. Mary chuckled to herself. Bill and Johnny had been friends for years and often got competitive about pumpkin growing. She would make the most of having a free rein in the kitchen and spend the afternoon making spicy homegrown tomato chutney. Meanwhile Bill would most likely be entertaining the pub locals with his antics.

Do you want to find out more about Mary and Bill? What other changes are they making to their garden? What 'mischief' as Mary calls it, does Bill get up to next?

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