Snippets: Eat Cake for Breakfast

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I've had a bad back. It's nothing too serious, just pulled muscles but as a gardener/garden designer its not ideal. I think I may have found the cure.

I prefer not to take drugs if at all possible so I went to see a physiotherapist. She manipulated my back to the point that I yelped but I think it helped. She gave me some exercises the gently ease and stretch the muscles and they were definitely benefical. I tried extra hard with my usually quite healthy diet to ensure I'd incorporated protein and lots of vegetables in the hope it would speed up the healing process. I tried to balance work and physical movement with rest.

But for days on end it hurt to move, it hurt to stay still, I struggled to sleep and I felt overall, a little bit distressed. As an optimist I felt sure there must be something else round the corner that I just didn't know about yet. On the Sunday morning I'd arranged to meet some girlfriends from my allotment site for a chat over coffee and cake. We spent a lovely couple of hours together sorting the world out and talking about whatever came into our minds. Suddenly my back didn't hurt so much.

It may have been down to what I think were the quite sensible measures I took to cure it. Or it could have been due to quality down-time with friends and eating cake for breakfast!

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