Snippets: Just Turn Up

Having been holed up at home for a couple of days on the advice of my physio, cabin fever got the better of me. I was also very unwilling to let a couple of my lovely regular clients down so I went to work on Friday. Getting a back injury, however minor when you're a gardener/garden designer is not ideal; that's an understatement by the way.

I worked straight through from eight in the morning until about four, by which time my back was giving me some unpleasant information. How I wanted to be sitting in a pub garden with a cold shandy, but not so fast! I had also booked two appointments with potential new clients.

The first meeting went very well with Penny wanting me to re-plan the planting in her garden. On the way back to my van I bumped into Anna who I'd previously done some work for. We'd been trying to connect for a while but it had proved difficult to arrange a meeting. We had a great chat about how her garden is getting on and identified some areas that needed more work.

By this time I could almost taste the shandy but I headed across town to my second appointment. Again the meeting went very smoothly and Kathy was happy with my initial suggestions. As I was preparing to leave, and really looking forward to meeting some friends for an end of week wind-down, Kathy suddenly announced that Alison was coming over to talk to me. At this point I got the distinct feeling I'd missed out on a vital conversation somewhere along the line. Before I had a chance to inquire further, there was a knock at the door and Alison was introducing herself.

She asked if I had a car and I told her my van was just up the street. Without giving me time to puzzle out what exactly was going on, Alison had jumped into the van barely giving me a chance to clear the inevitable detritus off the passenger seat and was giving me instructions on how to get to her house. As it turned out she had a truly beautiful garden and needed a bit of extra help with some planting as she'd injured her shoulder. We spent a lovely half hour getting to know each other and enthusing about plants. In fact, I was so captivated by the garden and chatting to Alison that I'd almost forgotten about my back and the pub.

So just by turning up, I had two happy clients, three new ones, and one that I'd re-connected with. Although my back was hurting beyond polite description I felt I'd had a good day. I was an hour late meeting my friends but they didn't mind and that shandy tasted good!

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