Snippets: What's your favourite blossom?

The Hanami festival in Japan is the custom of viewing the cherry (sakura) blossom, which flowers prolifically across the country at this time of year. The Japanese also have the more ancient tradition of appreciating the plum (ume) blossom.

Here in the UK, our fruit trees are currently putting on a wonderful floral display. I admire the apple blossom (pictured) for its subtle shades of pink and white which then go on to produce my favourite fruit.

Do you have a favourite blossom or do you just love that the trees are telling us, despite the weather, Spring is well and truly here?

In Japan, this beautiful annual spectacle is celebrated by having a picnic under the trees. It's been a tad cold and wet for picnicking these last few days, but why not take a few minutes to appreciate a lovely tree near you. It will soon be gone for another year.

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